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We craft Kashmir crewel and chainstitch home textiles such as curtains, floor coverings, wall hangings, cushion covers and the like.

We hand-embroider wool yarn on bases such as cotton dusoot, cotton duck, linen, silk organza and poly-organza.

Apart from traditional products we also work with clients on more contemporary incorporation of crewel art in items such as handbags and shoes.

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We handcraft each yard of running crewel & each foot of a rug in the village of Chee, south Kashmir. 

We enjoy working on new designs and texture. Any motif, pattern that you have in mind for your collection can be brought to life


Our artisans have a minimum of a 10 years of experience - evident by the levels of finish in our crewel products.

Whether it it geometric patterns, oriental florals or embroidered renditions of modern art, we make it happen. 

We sit with you from the creation of the initial life-size pattern (naksha) for each design to the final dispatch and documentation. 

The place to source Kashmir crewel fabric.

Consider us your own private atelier!


Examples of our work


The peacock triplets for the iconic TAJ Palace Hotel in India.


A pair of remarkable chainstitch wall-hangings.

Three Jos&fine artisans embroidered the pair of wall-hangings for 4 months, each measuring 15 feet by 7.5 feet with a remarkably low width variation of less than 0.5 inches across the entire 15 foot drop.

The design was conjoined Peacock triplets - made in line the with original design elements of the property with its subtle Mughal inspired interiors.


Custom-made Kashmiri crewel curtains for a client in the United States.

Wool hand embroidered on duck cotton. 

Inspired by a 1700s Jacobean panel at the V&A in London, we created a tree of life design across a 12.5 feet drop. 

The tree emerges from a densely embroidered base with flora and fauna including wild animals and grows tall with a variety of birds and blossoms emerging from the brances.

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