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A family of over 100 artisans in Kashmir who love to craft handmade Pashmina Cashmere & Crewel textiles.

Suppliers to noted designers, fashion labels and interior furnishers across the globe. 

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We craft a variety of Pashmina Cashmere products such as lightweight shawl fabrics, embroidered and woven Kashmir shawls, etc.

Our design studio in Nantes, France, works with the client from concept to final design, while our team in Kashmir keeps the client abreast with the collection’s production.

We also hold the record for the finest Pashmina Cashmere fabric ever tested, as certified by India’s Ministry of Textiles.



We craft the entire gamut of embroidered Kashmir Crewel and Chainstitch home textiles from rugs and wall hangings to curtains and upholstery fabrics.

We do it all in the village of Chee, a 40 minute drive from our office in Srinagar.

Our home textiles have made their way to top luxury hotels, to the Milan Design Week 2018 and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts among others.

04 whom we supply to

Jos & fine is the official supplier to some of the most coveted luxury brands, boutiques and designers across the globe.

Our crewel and Pashmina Cashmere products can be found all luxury stores and hotels across the continents.

Any customisation is possible - consider us your private atelier! 

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